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Rental Plans

prices from 100.00 + VAT

The Housing Act of 2004 introduces a requirement that houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs) be licenced by the local authority.

From 6th April 2006 this became mandatory, with hefty fines for non compliance.

Applications need to be made by the landlord or management agent, and need to include details of gas appliances, fire safety equipment, etc. It is recommended that much of this detail be presented on a floorplan of the building.

Our rental plans provide all the required information for a plan supported application.

A cheaper alternative, often favoured by management companies, is to use one of our standard floor plans. These can be marked by you with the required information, they can be ammended easily as equipment is updated, they can be used to assist the marketting of the property, and they can be retained by the maintenance team for assisting with their work.



Rental Plan including certain stipulated information including:


  • Scale Plan
  • Labelled Rooms.
  • Stairways, doorways and windows indicated.
  • Hand basins, toilets, bathroom and kitchen fittings indicated.
  • Gas appliances identified.
  • Fire safety equipment identified.
  • Fire escape routes indicated

Standard Fees


  • 125.00 + VAT for first 1000 sq ft
  • 10.00 + VAT per 100 sq ft thereafter
  • 0.40 + VAT per mile travel

Discounted Fees for Prompt Payment


  • 20% discount on fees (excluding travel)
  • Offered for settlement within agreed terms, otherwise reverting to standard fees
  • 100.00 + VAT for first 1000 sq ft
  • 8.00 + VAT per 100 sq ft thereafter


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