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Pennine Property Studio Launched

Pennine Property Studio is launched on the 1st January 2008.

Paul Mann is establishing the business based on the successes of Floorplans North. Pennine Property Studio will focus on delivering a high quality personalised service to the Estate Agents and Property Managers across the North of England.

Paul Mann is an experienced draughtsman and photographer with pride in the quality of his work. With Pennine Property Studio he will focus on delivering an integrated package providing Estate Agents with quality bespoke designed brochures and web site support material. By taking the preparation process as a whole, plans and photography can be tailored to the marketing and overall quality of product and service enhanced.

Pennine Property Studio will also handle the preparation of plans for complex buildings. Paul is a skilled draughtsman with experience as a historical building archaeologist, and is used to dealing with such delights as circular windmills, hexagonal chip shops and bendy timber framed manor houses.

Aware that Pennine Property Studio will be stretched to continue providing routine floorplans across the whole of Northern England, we are teaming up with Floorplanz to provide services such as Sketch and Fax plans, regular floorplans across the region, and budget floorplans for modern housing.



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