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Lease Plans

from 120.00 + VAT

If you require plans for new leases, lease renewals, or changes to freehold then our lease plans are tailored to this purpose.

Based  upon a detailed site survey, these plans show the perimeter of the leased area, (also communal areas where relevant) within the premises, and the location within the locality.

These plans are also laid out in the necessary format, and at the correct scale to be Land Registry Compliant.

Please call us on 0844 330 7526 to order your plans.


Land Registry Compliant


  • Printed Scale Plans
  • Includes Location Maps
  • Red Line marking of leases
  • Communal areas and shared access areas illustrated as needed

Standard Fees


  • 150.00 + VAT for first 1000 sq ft
  • 10.00 + VAT per 100 sq ft thereafter
  • 0.40 + VAT per mile travel

Discounted Fees for Prompt Payment


  • 20% discount on fees (excluding travel)
  • Offered for settlement within agreed terms, otherwise reverting to standard fees
  • 120.00 + VAT for first 1000 sq ft
  • 8.00 + VAT per 100 sq ft thereafter


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