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Plans...  Photographs...  Brochures...

Pennine Property Studio provides brochures, photographs and plans to estate agents
and property managers across the North of England.

Get noticed through good presentation...

Catching the eye is essential if you are to realise the best price in the fastest time when selling property.
Buyers have an enormous choice of properties to choose from. They can not hope to assess every property fairly, it would simply take too long. First impressions are critical, and can only be formed on the most readily available information. Typically this is price, bedrooms, location, front photo and floor plan.

Once you have caught the buyers attention, you need to keep it.
Give them the additional information they need quickly and easily. Remember that an image can be worth a thousand words. Appealing photographs and informative plans are crucial.

If the property suits the buyer you will now have had their attention for just 20 seconds, and now they are receptive to finding out more. They will at last concentrate on reading, listening, requesting a copy of particulars, or negotiating a viewing.

This is just the start.
Later that day your potential buyer is going to be trying to sell the dream to a partner or family member, armed only with a brochure or web site.
And in the weeks ahead they may have second thoughts. A quick look at the details should calm the nerves.
Then after the viewing recollection can become fuzzy, so it is time to check the details again.
As exchanges loom final details need checking: "Will a bed fit against that wall? What colour was that wall we wanted to paint over?"

At every stage of the sale a good presentation will help sell the property. At Pennine Property Studio we believe in helping you with just that. Properly detailed floor plans, well composed photographs and carefully designed brochures are all prepared for getting your property noticed.


High accuracy plans for difficult buildings...

Do you need high quality plans at an affordable price?

At Pennine Property Studio we specialise in drawing accurate plans of existing buildings. Using laser measures and CAD drawing techniques our plans provide a cost effective route for providing retrospective plans for existing buildings. Because we are specialists you will find our services significantly cheaper than those of a traditional architectural practice.

One of our key specialisms is the Lease Plan. Used to support registration of Leases and Freeholds to the Land Registry, these plans have to meet stringent requirements.
Similarly we produce Rental Plans for supporting licensing of rental property with local authorities, and Licensing Plans for the licencing of alcohol sales, late night food and regulated entertainment.
We have supported a number of property developers with outline plans of existing buildings prior to any architectural design work. We have also worked with developers at the point of final sale when plans for marketing need to be derived from cluttered architectural plans.

The use of our plans need not be limited to the technical. With our experience making plans that are clear and easy to read, our plans are ideal for a wide range of uses. We regularly produce plans of conference venues, and believe our plans could find uses in large public buildings such as schools, hospitals and shopping centres.

We also produce location maps, either derived from OS mapping or created schematically according to the application.

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